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Holy Desperation Ministries 2018


Let's bring JESUS

back to America! 


Fasting and praying for great things to break in the heavenlys and fresh Fire sweep the land.  Fire is falling all over the world and we are dedicated to helping spread GOD'S HOLY FIRE.

The places we are going are seeing God move during the services and we believe even after we leave Souls are being stirred and changed for the Glory GOD.


Habakkuk 1

 5 “Look at the nations and watch—
   and be utterly amazed.
For I am going to do something in your days
   that you would not believe,
   even if you were told.


WOW!!!! What we have to look forward to. Hold on to Jesus and watch as He satisfies our desires for Revolutionary change in the Body of Christ. 

Holy Desperation Ministries sole purpose

Spreading FIRE!!!!!! 

Showing God's Love.

"All scripture is God breathed and used for teaching; rebuking; and raising up of the saints." 2 timothy 3:16

Our family

Rev. Mitch Anderson II:  I was born in 1981 raised in Georgetown SC.Atteneded Bible college at Brownsville Revival School of Ministries and graduated in 2001. Went back to Georgetown as youth pastor for Fireside Ministries in the time frame of around 4 years. Me and my wife ran a soup kitchen in Georgetown for 1 and 1/2 years. Since then we have worked with the Fillinging Station in Georgetown, a youth outreach and during this whole time going where invited to preach the Gospel of Jesus. Now in 2009 we have decided to put our family out in the open and go anywhere God opens a door to spread FIRE. And help awaken the church to bring in the end time harvest. Jesus may come today, He may come tomorrow or it may be 20 years but before He left this earth He told the disciples. To be ready stay alert; so we're ready and wanting to help make others ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ.


My family is my Wife Amanda Anderson and our kids are Lillian; Amos; and David Anderson.


If we have stirred you. Please contact us we will be glad to come to your church and share. Even an outside event or anything you feel God is wanting to use us at. My wife also leads praise and worship. And we have other band members we can bring if needed. Be blessed email us or call thank you!!!!

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