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Please feel free to contact us. We do NOT charge for coming to any event we do ask for donations. 

 Looking forward to what 2018 holds we can't make anything happen but God can and will send Revival

 Loving Jesus and telling the world. We go house to house doing meetings and to Church body's hosting meetings and revivals. Also we live telling everyone we can about the Good news of Jesus. We live 100 % off of Jesus and on donations from people just like you who choose to support us either one time gifts or monthly gifts. You can contact us and donate or give right here on our paypal account it is completly the safest way to give online. And we have it set up where you can choose monthly gifts and it will draw it monthly without you having to do anything. We ask if we have blessed you that you would pray about giving to us monthly to help us travel and share Jesus. Every gift helps even if its just 10 dollars a month  it will help. Or feel free to give a one time gift and either way we thank you for your help and we will make sure you get a reciete for your gifts God bless.


If you want a Pastoral Reference for us. We invite you to contact Pastor Marc at The Fathers House in Myrtle beach SC  843-293-1000 

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Choose monthly or weekly automatic donations here THese help us know exactly what we plan for the ministry


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By phone: (843) 240-4870